Kalamandalam Swarnadeepa

The art of dance finds the one who loves it and same happened with Swarnadeepa .

Kalamandalam Swarnadeepa initiated into dance at the age of 3 . Starting her first training in Rabindra Nritya as her first love, in the later age she added the feather of pride on her cap by inheriting the art of Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Nazrul Nritya. Later it was emotive nature of Mohiniyattam that caught her imagination and Kerala was her next stop.

Kerala Kalamandalam , the cradle of arts welcomed her with open arms and mind. Through

methodical and classical style of teaching and learning she has inherited the dance form along with the spirit of Kerala and its language- Malayalam. She mastered the strokes and has perfected them since. And now believing in the fact of spreading one’s knowledge enhance their own, Swarnadipa trains little one and spreads the light of arts through Nritya Britti Batayan in West Bengal.

Born into a family with a long lineage of traditional performing arts, it was natural for Swarnadeepa to take to the classical arts. She was initiated into dance at an early age and was gradually drawn towards Mohiniyattam, the cause her mother and Guru T,Shankaranarayanan has come to become synonymous with. It is this artistic legacy, a commitment to the cause of Mohiniyattam that Swarnadeepa has imbibed. Having attained distinction at the dance examinations conducted by the State and Central Governments, Swarnadeepa is one of the very few dancers from West Bengal who has been selected to advance her studies in MOHINIYATTAM AND KUCHIPUDI by the Central Government of India.

Kalamandalam Swarnadeepa was honored with the Selected Bangla Addithiya, West Bengal best dancer awards instituted by Shalimar Anand Bazar in 2002,Awarded as the Best Young talent in the year 2003 at Doverlane Music & Dance Competition. Kolkata,National Scholarship, from the Government of India for Higher studies in Mohiniyattam 2002-04 and Kuchipudi 2005- 07 under the guidance of Guru Kalamandalam Pushpalatha and Guru Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi, Star Ananda Satellite channel in 2010 awarded as best DURGA For Successful a unique nonstop (26 hours) dance performance for GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS on the occasion of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s 150th Birth anniversary celebrations at Rabindrabharati Hyderabad, India 2012

Academic Qualification, The Gurus and Training



  • Trained in Kathak Under Guru Manisha Bhattacharya ( 1987-1990)
  • In Bharathanatyam under Guru Kalamandalam T Shankara Narayanan
  • (Principal of Sangeet Bhavan. Biswabharati. Santiniketan). (1990-2000)
  • Recitation & Drama under the guidance of Guru Itusree Mahanta.
  • Trained in Martial Arts, Folk Dance & Creative Dance. (1995-2000)
  • Secondary from West Bengal (2000)
  • Trained Mohiniyattam under Guru Kalamandalam Pushpalata (2000-2004)
  • In Kuchipudi under training- Guru Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi (2004-2007)
  • Diploma in Mohiniyattam & Kuchipudi from Kerala Kalamandalam Deemed University (2002-2006)
  • (Gurus Kalamandalam Padmini Kalamaadalam Leelamma Kalamaadalam
  • Hymavathi Kalamandalam Pushpalata. Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi)



  • Selected Bangla Addithiya, West Bengal best dancer awards instituted by Shalimar Anand Bazar in 2002.
  • Awarded as the Best Young talent in the year 2003 at Dover lane Music & Dance Competition. Kolkata.
  • National Scholarship, from the Government of India for Higher studies in Mohiniyattam2002-04 and Kuchipudi 2005-07 under the guidance of Guru Kalamandalam Pushpalatha Guru Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi.
  • Star Ananda Satellite channel in 2010 awarded as best DURGA
  • For Successful a unique nonstop (26ours) dance performance for GUINNESS WORLDRECORDS on the occasion of Rabindra Nath Tagore 150th Birth anniversary celebrations at Rabindra bharati Hyderabad, India 2012.

Achievement in Profession



  • Choreographed Bengali New years special programme shown on Tara Bangla satellite channel in 2003.
  • Performed for Navarathri Festival in Gujarat 2006.
  • Participated in Konark Festival 2006 with Pallavi Krishnan. Kerala Tourism Road show cultural festival in Kolkata & Hyderabad 2007.
  • Performed at the Common wealth members of Parliament Summit in 2007.
  • Crowned Nritya Prathibha in Mangalore Kendra Sangeet Nataka Academy Festival of Young dancers 2007
  • Choreographed in Bengali Traditional Group dance for Grand Kerala Shopping and Food Festival in Cochin 2008.
  • Performed in a Mega show Tharangam -2008 for Doordarshan Kendra,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala -2008.
  • Uday Shankar Dance Festival Kolkata 2009 & 2011 & 2015
  • Vysakhi Nrithyotsav 2011 organised by Nataraj Music & Dance Academy. Visakhapatanam.
  • Performed for Celebrate of World Tourism Day in Hyderabad 2012.
  • Choreographed & presentation Dance Drama Uttaran organized by Ananda Marg2013.
  • Performed at MOHINIYATTAM DANCE FESTIVAL.at Birla Academy, Kolkata.organised by Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy
  • Choregraphed Bivek Chetana Utsav Closing Ceremony on 2014.
  • Performed and Choreographed at A special show Durgapur Sub Divisional Correctional Home.2014
  • 2nd Durgapur Film Festival. a tribute performance to Sharmila Tagore( Bollywood legendry actress) in presence of her on 2014
  • World environment Day..organized with Durgapur municipal cooporation..a street Drama,dance ,awareness show
  • Performed MOHINIYATTAM at institute of physics Alumni Association Bhubaneswar on 2014 on 2014 choreographed by Dr,Guru Thanakamani Kutty on 2014
  • Performed with her group at RANN FESTIVAL ,KUTCH at GUJRAT


Kalamandalam Swarnadeepa is a graded artist of the broadcasting media-Dooradarshan Kendra,


She has performed in several prestigious Indian dance festivals. Swarnadeepa has received invitations from Germany, UK, Netherland, Sweden and most of European country not only to perform but also to conduct Mohiniyattam workshops at certain venues. With a keen interest to spread Mohiniyattam and to inspire the youth towards it, Kalamandalam coaches dance aspirants With immense passion for Mohiniyattam, she intends to take this art form global.